Counterfeiting of Drugs in Africa: current situation, causes and countermeasures

Inventa International, 23 September 2020

Counterfeit is a world spread phenomenon in which the product of someone, company or individual, is imitated to reproduce the original, although often made with materials and components of reduced quality and illegally bearing a trademark or a copyright of another without their permission.

We live in a world of frenetic consumerism, where people are more often judged based on what they own rather than what they are. Having a specific product from a specific brand can provide the sensation of having a certain status or making a statement to other, however brand goods can be expensive and unreachable to many and that is where counterfeit plays a strategic role.

As counterfeit goods cost a fraction of the price of the original goods, people who under normal circumstances would not have access to those products can afford them.

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