Juma Story

Juma is a happy little boy of 5 years old. He lives in Kumkwanamaja, Africa. Juma attends the local primary school.  He is a good pupil and has the dream of becoming a teacher himself one day.
One morning Juma wakes up and feels sick. He is delirious with fever and calls his mother. She immediately decides to take Juma to the nearest clinic. It is a long walk. When they get there the doctor examines Juma and decides to check his blood for malaria. The test shows that he has malaria and the doctor prescribes tablets. Juma’s mother buys the tablets in a local shop. Tablets that cost her the little money she earned on the market. Tablets that should save the life of Juma.
When Juma arrives home, his mother makes sure that he gets his medicine on time. But still, Juma becomes sicker and sicker. He sinks into a coma and dies in the early hours of the following morning leaving his mother behind, devastated.
A young mother lost her 5-year-old son to malaria. The malaria drugs she bought looked like the real medicine, but contained nothing more than chalk. They were 100% fake.
Like Juma, every year 100.000 children die after taking fake malaria drugs. 
Malaria drugs should cure children, not kill them.


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