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    Fake malaria drugs kill. Stop this crime. Sign the petition now.

    We call upon the Governments of India and China to stop the criminals that produce and export fake malaria drugs to Africa. 1/3 of all malaria drugs sold in Africa are fake. Fake malaria drugs kill hundreds of innocent children every day.
    African governments are engaged in the fight against these killer drugs but need international support to end its production and export from Asia. During the past year, an estimated 250.000 people have lost their lives due to fake drugs. The problem is severe and is still getting worse.Malaria is an infectious disease that kills 650.000 people, mainly young children in Africa, every year. Good malaria drugs make a difference between life and death.
    Governments in many African countries are making an effort to restrict the sales of fake drugs. They cannot win this war alone. The production and export of fake malaria drugs has to stop!

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    Persuade the Governments of India and China to take action against the illegal production of fake malaria drugs; Convince the African Leaders Malaria Alliance (ALMA) that fake malaria drugs need to be a priority issue and support governments of malaria endemic countries in their war against fake malaria drugs.
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