Dutch Malaria Foundation

Fake Malaria Drugs Kill is a project of the Dutch Malaria Foundation, a charity organisation that develops and tests innovative ways to combat malaria. We also make existing knowledge and information about fighting malaria available to stakeholders all over the world. We restrict ourselves to those activities not taken up by others.

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We acknowledge all contributors to the ‘Fake Malaria Drugs Kill’ campaign.


Script, design, planning & fund raising: Bart Knols (Malaria scientist, entrepreneur, & author)
Script, video production & editing: Helena Goldon (Cinematographer)
Editing: Kuba Gajewski (Editor)
Script, production, site support: Lotte van Dijk  (Medical Doctor)
Logistics & support: Fr. Wojciech Adam Kościelniak
Logistics & support: Foundation Kiabakari
Music & editing: Peter Scheele (Peter Scheele Creative Productions)
General supervision: Ingeborg van Schayk (Director Dutch Malaria Foundation)
Funding: Tropicare
Funding: Glaxo Smith Kline, The Netherlands



Graphic design: Martijn Bastiaans (Graphic designer)
Web design & development: Diederik van Prooijen (Graphic designer)
Text editing: Annemarie Klerkx (Text editor), Lotte van Dijk (Medical doctor), Bart Knols, (Malaria scientist, entrepreneur, & author)
Text & supervision: Ingeborg van Schayk (Director Dutch Malaria Foundation)
Funding: MeduProf-S



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The Fake Drugs Kill Campaign has been realised with support from:
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